A Birthday

This poem is just a bunch of words for a friend of mine I have known for ever. And the occasion is her BIRTHDAY.



The fine line between you needs and want.

Behind the Internet

Life is so easy, So happy and fun. But over the internet. So many friends, With numerous tags. So many pictures, With huge smiles. Life seems better, Problems seem easier, But over the internet. Real is life, Behind the internet. Things are harder, And the fun is far. Time moves slowly, Because you feel lonely.... Continue Reading →


When you are sad, Or you go mad. When you feel jolly, Or have done any foul. When you are lonely, Or you are occupied. When you are partying, Or you are mourning. You will always find me, By your side. Said a FRIEND.

Happily UnMarried

This poem is a pack of words to describe the life of a girl after marriage.! It may be or may not be your point of view, but still give it a read..

Will he?

Love and relationships play an important role in everyone's life. So go ahead and read it I you love someone..


Anger is something which can destroy things, isn't? That's how we know it. But here I want to bring the other side of it with a few words. So lets get into it..

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